Nintendo 2DS XL vs 3DS XL

Daughter wants a 3ds xl for Christmas. Is it worth it over the 2ds xl? I know the 3ds games work on the 2ds. is the 3d aspect worth it also is the hardware any different. Cant find much info on that point. The price difference is significant.

They still make these? I figured mobile phone gaming and the Switch would of replaced them.

I used to have a 3ds xl, screen was nice and big never used the 3d on it, more of novelty then useful. Also unless you’re looking straight at it then the 3d isn’t as good. Personal opinion I’d go for the 2ds xl for the cheaper price while still getting all the power just without the 3d. Hell it may even run games better without having to worry about powering the 3d aspect. I’ve heard some reports the 3ds hurts vision as well but that maybe hearsay I’ve never looked hard into it. The 3d can be adjusted and turned off too though.

Don’t know the difference…my son loves loves the 3ds-xl…if a switch is in the not-too-distant future maybe the 2ds is the stop gap…Avery is 11 on January 1 and will have the switch by then, I suspect the 3ds will be a dust collector starting then

Get the 2ds. My daughter has one and likes it. It’s cheaper, and the 3d aspect hurts your eyes, I’ve tried and couldn’t get into it.