Nintendo Distributing NX Dev Kits

This is an interesting article. here’s the parts i think are a big deal:

“We are increasingly of the idea that Nintendo might launch the NX in 2016 because of the softness of 3DS and Wii U,” said David Gibson, an analyst at Macquarie Capital Securities.
A Nintendo spokeswoman said the company plans to disclose details of NX next year.

The exact shape of the NX hardware isn’t yet clear. People familiar with the development plans said Nintendo would likely include both a console and at least one mobile unit that could either be used in conjunction with the console or taken on the road for separate use.

So looks like the NX will be announced at E3, and that its a hybrid handheld/console machine. Kinda like a Wii U but you can take the gamepad with you like a 3DS or a Vita. super interesting if they can get the 3rd party support they need to compete with Sony and MS.

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Earth calling Nintendo Please give it up, just license your franchises out

i think this is there last shot. their mobile platforms (DS, 3DS etc) sell like crazy. hopefully they are smart enough to give this NX enough power to run COD, Mass Effect, and other 3rd party games. if they dont have a solid launch line-up and power to match the PS4 and XB1 they are totally boned.

for now im intrigued.

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