Nintendo Labo for Switch Arriving April 20th

Not gonna lie, looks pretty slick

I’m torn.

I think I love where they could be going with this. People are probably gonna hack up all kinds of cool shit with it beyond what is available in the original pack.

OTOH it has the potential to just be a bit faddy if the actual abilities of the software is too limited AND I suspect Nintendo may crack down hard on others sharing non-official usages of the Labo software - especially non-PG uses. Bet you anything that someone will design some kind of sex toy using this software within the first month of it being available.

I will probably buy a pack on the 27th April.

Neat idea but it’s $70 cardboard. I get you are paying for the tech but at the end of the day most of this shit is going to kids and will be destroyed the first week they have it.

Glad I don’t have a switch cause I am the type of person that would buy some of this stuff. I really don’t need more gaming clutter laying around. I already have many of the real controllers that Labo emulates (fishing rod controller, racing wheel and pedals, HOTAS for space sims) for PC or Xbox already and most of the time they are collecting dust.

Saw a tweet with this and found it funny.

NINTENDO: Nintendo Labo is for kids and those that like kid stuff!
ADULT GAMER: Okay, but what if I don’t want it?
NINTENDO: Totally fine. It’s for kids.
ADULT GAMER: Yes, but cardboard? Really? Not in my game room!
NINTENDO: It’s for kids.
ADULT GAMER: But how is it for me?