Nintendo Switch

Wanting to see if there is anyone out there looking for a Switch, or knows someone that is looking for one.
My Switch is collecting dust and trying to avoid dealing with eBay and wanted to give fellow GRGers first shot.

Switch unit with all the original stuff
Breath of the Wild
Pro Controller

If interested let me know and we can work out a price.

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I might be interested, been debating getting one for a while now.

guess i lost my train of thought, let me know what you’re hoping to get for it and I’ll see if I can get the wife on board, as part of why I want to get it is for her. :slight_smile:

Throwing it up on eBay, take a stab there and see what happens.

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How’s it working out so far?

only a single bid, few hours left (guessing it will not get any more bids)
I will get the minimum I was hoping for at least, would have been nice to get more.
Want the money to get a new camera and get back into photography, something I have not been able to do for years now.

Well it sold. Only 1 bid, but got the minimum I was asking for and they took me up on my offer for my digital games as well, so made a little more.
Half way to the camera setup I want, but have enough to get the body and kit lens now at least and get the most expensive lens down he road.