No Man's Sky - Steam, Sony, And Amazon Begin Issuing Refunds, Regardless Of Play Time

No Man’s Sky - Steam, Sony, And Amazon Begin Issuing Refunds, Regardless Of Play Time

Wow. Thats tempting for the $60. I will probably not put much time in it with the fall releases coming soon. You could always pick it up on sale later.

They denied my refund request on Steam. Tried yesterday.

I already requested a refund. Put it to my Steam Wallet instead of back to my credit card.

Why? Too many hours played or you had it for more than 14 days?

Said since I had more than 2 hours played, they wouldn’t refund.

We are unable to refund this purchase to your Visa ending with 19 at
this time. Your playtime of an included product exceeds 2 hours (our
refund policy maximum).

When I submitted my request it said I had like 3.5 hours on it. I might be denied as well.

Shit title!!!

“Regardless of play time”

Yeah, but if the article it explains the “14 days / 2 hours” thing for Steam. Sony and Amazon can’t measure your play time so, play time is irrelevant.

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Yeah, I had like 45 hours…

I just got the email. My refund was approved even though I had 3.5 registered!

Yea, got an email this morning. DENIED, 3hrs 27min of gameplay was too much. So weird

Maybe I got approved because I haven’t had it as long as you guys. I bought it on August 14th. Well, today marks day 15 since purchase. Oh, well. Steam loves me? :joy:

They found out about your Internet quality and thought “this guy has it hard enough, we can throw him a bone”

They found out about my fan and didn’t wanna mess with me. “Yes, sir, whatever you need sir. We’ll throw in an actual good game with your refund.” Well, I can dream.

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One of the one times I wish I had bought digital instead of physical copy. I had fun with the game but it fell flat at a point and I just never went back. Maybe if it was more fleshed out I would probably keep playing. Oh well, Amazon is giving like 23 for a trade in, may have to take them up on it.

I heard that you might get auto-denied for having over 2h playtime but if you open a support ticket and request the refund / explain your reason (I believe false advertising or poor performance are the keywords) then you might still get it.

That’s what I did, I went to the link provided on the article.

No special steam refunds happening here.

Nobody is willing to see if they will add things to no mans sky? I haven’t played a ton…maybe ten hours worth but is still fun to see all the wierd ass planets and animals…maybe cuz I’m a huge final Fantasy fan and always loved the open world explore part? Jus blows my mind to see so many ppl not liking it already…idk…maybe I will get tired of it after more time…

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