No Man's Sky - Tips and Tricks

Signal Scanners can be found on planets only. They emit a beam of red light shooting up into the sky, making them easy to find. They are often found near Shelters, but they can also be found on their own. They can be anywhere, really, so keep an eye out for the beams.

Once you’ve found a Signal Scanner, you will need a Bypass Chip to use the Scanner. You can craft a Bypass Chip using Plutonium and Iron, and you can stockpile these chips so you can use the Signal Scanner as much as you like. Iron can be found pretty much everywhere, while Plutonium is rarer and is more commonly found in caves.

There’s four options once you use a Signal Scanner: Monolith, Colonial Outpost, Transmission and Shelter. Each one will scan for a different kind of location.

Monolith searches for Plaques, Ruins and Monoliths, which can help you learn alien languages. While Plaques and Ruins are straightforward, Monoliths will require you to complete a little puzzle first.

The Colonial Outpost option searches for Operations Centres and Manufacturing Facilities. These also involve a puzzle, which can be accessed after destroying the door.

Transmission will reveal Beacons, Observatories and Transmission Towers.
_- Beacons will point you towards nearby Outposts, which is where you can access a Galactic Trade Terminal. _
_- Observatories on the other hand, point you towards alien points of interest, similar to the Monolith scan at the Signal Scanner. You have to solve a puzzle for these. _
- Transmission towers will point you towards nearby abandoned Starships, and you will have to solve a puzzle here, too.

Finally, Shelter will reveal either Shelters or Drop pods.

  • _Shelters can get your Multi-Tools, Exosuit Companion Units or research specimens. These commonly have a Signal Scanner near them. _
    - Drop pods, on the other hand, expand your Exosuit’s inventory slots. The cost of upgrading goes up every time you upgrade, but it’s still a good idea to upgrade when you can.