No more Effing ... pussies on COD

After a long session of COD last night I got a note today that my GT “JohnEffingGalt” whcih I have had for 10 years is a XBL violation - likely due to some pussies that got stomped in CoD reporting me - and they issued an enforcement action and changed my gt to some rando bullshit. I changed it back to “John F Galt” but the feckers charged me $9.95 for the privilege. I’ve appealed but I think im screwed so look for my new family safe GT…

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Underage drinking, illegal drug use, or socially irresponsible behavior connected with drug use (e.g., drinking and driving)
Profane words or phrases
Sexual, provocative, pornographic, or adult content
Anything involving notorious people or organizations
Content that promotes, or sounds or looks like words, phrases, puns, images or imagery that refer to any prohibited content

That really sucks and it looks like you are screwed, and now I may spend a day reporting all the people with 420 or 69 in their gamertag to protect the kiddies.
Or maybe John Galt is offensive these days, I can’t keep up with what’s politically correct anymore.

is “effing” not PG for fucks sake? change it to fracking…worked for syfy

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wait wait! Microsoftie says:

um I say bullshit…we play to find that shit and use the hell out of it until they patch it right?

That sucks man.

When the same thing happens on PSN they typically ban the account flat-out.

Regardless of whether it’s been going for years and has loads of digital games attached.

Us PSN lot have to then contact Sony support and ask them to change the gamertags and unban it.
Why the fuck they don’t just do that in the first place, instead of banning, is beyond me.

That’s retarded.

BTW, I reported you…


I had to change mine many years ago from being reported it was BulletOrgy.

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That’s offensive language? lol. What a joke. Sorry dude!

I feel the need to report every little shit with a hint of pg in there GT from now on in retribution…I think there was a blahbalh420 last night and a kittysomthing…both offensive…I’m reporting

I wondered why your name was different went you got on last night.

And somehow @beers_and_leafs1 is still allowed…


isn’t your gamer tag phill addio?

What about johnnycornholer?

no need to go a reporting rampage.

it sucks but first world problems

Thank god the internet generation has no idea what Hustler magazine was…

I do, I just figured it stood for the other type of hustler.

It does, but a pissy player may think otherwise.

Well now it means Johnny Prostitute to me.

Wonder if they’ll get me?

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they prolly assume its a ref to George W

I just report every single GT in my recent player list now. Everything is offensive to someone :slight_smile: