Noob here

Trixxavi here…you can call me Trixx. Pc gamer who has been looking for a place JUST like this. 25+ and NOT a damn dating profile. I hope to meet other fellow pc gamers who I could hang out on discord with and play games with. I’m hoping to even meet some other female gamers which seem to be endangered in this community, lol. I play on steam, I have a discord for pc gamers, I play a lot of Overwatch and Ark, tho ATM I am dealing with some issues regarding Ark. I am always open to suggestions I am new to multiplayer online and FPS but I really love it. Pc was built by my awesome boyfriend about six months ago, got rid of my Mac and iphone and welcomed Windows and Android into my life with open arms and I don’t reget it one bit. Anyway, feel free to say hi.


Welcome aboard. We have voice chat in our Discord for PC players. Ark wise on PC… @TheBodyFarmer has major issues since that at times takes over his life.

Im from Nevada also, what times is the Discord voice chat most active ?

Welcome to GRG.

Best bet is to arrange a game and then meet in Discord

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Welcome to GRG!

Welcome to the group.

Welcome Trixx!

Welcome Trixx!

I play mostly on PS4, then Steam and then Xbox.
Can’t use k&m for FPS on Steam though (not PvP speeds anyway), so it’s mostly strategy and adventure games for me.

Will add you on Steam (unobtainable).

Welcome to the asylum.

Welcome to GRG. Hope we can figure out the Ark issues. Let me know if you want to hop on the GRG Ark server.

Welcome…we do tend to be a sausage factory but there are a few ladies that play including some SO’s and I think we’ve had some join recent weeks @HarleyQuinzel and @TheDivineOmega and @Lisamariewillbe come to mind

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