Notes from Seasons Stream

Bunch of notes about the future of D2 below from the stream…

Looking forward to the Dawning & Season 2! (Wall of Text & Details)
Keep in mind that there are 3 streams in November to talk about more changes to Destiny 2. REMEMBER, there are more changes to come.
Here is a full breakdown of all the details from the “Seasons of Destiny” stream.
--------------------------------------------------------Torch has been passed from team who made Destiny 2 to the team that is maintaining it aka the Live Team.
Live Team’s goals:
-New reasons to keep playing
-New pursuites, rituals, and challenges.
-And more…
Examples: Iron Banner, Faction Rally’s, etc.
Expansion 1 - Winter 2017 aka Osiris DLC
Seasons have themes associated with them. They take feedback from the community for adding and adjusting things such as new emotes, rewards, etc. Goals:

  • More predictable time tables (what to expect and when)
    ----- Destiny 2 Year 1 will have 4 seasons
  • Make big changes to the game
  • Sandbox tuning, new features, more content
  • Big patches to change the meta, etc.
  • Meant so you don’t feel like you have to play Destiny ALL the time but instead can take at your pace and show up for important events.
    Season 2:
    When: Winter 2017
    The Dawning will return after the launch of Season 2.
  • Ice Hockey will be enabled
  • You can have snowball fights, plus other Easter Eggs
    Event affects will be throughout the world, not just the social space.
  • Armor, Weapons, Shaders, and possibly emotes will come
    Iron Banner - What Bungie Learned:-----------------------
    1,500 YEARS worth of time played between all guardians.
    Learned how we interacted with the loot system. There will be changes to loot such as letting us direct purchase guns using tokens and legendary shards.
  • The token economy is not always the best way for everything.
  • For Season 2, there will be an ornaments slot requiring an objective to unlock to show that you completed a limited event objective. Such as winning 10 IB matches, Flawless in Trials of The Nine, etc
  • Heard community feedback of wanting rewards more meaningful.
  • One more Iron Banner in Season 1. Some new gear
    Perks and stats will be updated.
  • There will be a matching energy and kinetic weapon so you can have one of each.
    Trials of The Nine — There will be ornaments as well, not shown yet but “They look really cool”
    -Updated weapons, both visual look and perks
    Faction Rally
  • One more in Season 1
    For Season 2 there will be changes to promote playing with a fireteam more vs just solo. Meaning “I’m going to solo farm this as it’s more efficient” won’t always be the thing. This does NOT mean a nerf to solo, but rather a buff to fireteam aspects so that you can play with your friends instead of splitting off doing your own individual thing.
    Season 2

Facton Rally

  • Faction Rally Armor can be earned by just playing and repping your faction.
    Clarion Call:
  • When: Before end of Season 1 as a wrap up activity.
  • What: Double XP while playing activities w/ your Fireteam
  • Pilot: Clan collaboration required
  • This makes Bright Engrams easy to acquire.
    After the Clarion Call, All the emotes, and other rewards from it will be updated and changed
    -Certain rewards from Bright Engrams will be retired making them limited/exclusive and not able to collect anymore, but if you already have it them you can keep it.
    Fun Fact: Bungie has a recording studio that they record the emotes.
    Shaders stay season over season (Unless Bungie adjusts down the line, no plans discussed at the moment)
  • They heard our feedback over deleting shaders in mass - ---- On the to do list, no promises.
  • New armor with new seasons (check pictures)
    Crucible Maps
  • When certain rituals complete special maps goes live to entire circulation - Example
    Such as the Trials of Nine map (Eternity), Raid themed map (Emperor’s Respite), Shores of Time (Destiny 1) themed map (Distant Shore), etc.
    Sandbox Tuning-------------------------------------------
    They have data on basically everything you do such as most played subclass, weapon, what bullets fired from what weapon, usage of basically everything in game.
    They are always collecting, analysing, and using the data.
    With seasons they hope to make more ongoing adjustments to allow the meta to constantly adjust and not be stale.
    Clans have a max level so that smaller clans have a chance vs only larger more active clans to dominate. Keeps everything on a more fair level.
  • Clan rank resets at Season 2, as well as season changes
    New perks to earn, targeted at what the game goals are (based on the Season themes)
    Clan rewards
  • You can change the staff/bar in the middle based on clan rewards from seasons. (Yay…)
  • Clan engram updates
  • Make sure loot pool updates

I mean if there was any reason to go back to the farm, its to play Ice Hockey.

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This gave me some hope…

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There are some much needed improvements listed here. Good to know Bungie is listening!