Offering to the Queen

Any @destinyplayers have a graphic or something that explains when the curse is the strongest or when you know if an offering will get you to the queen? I’d like to use the one I have to get the 3rd seed of light for my warlock. Any cliff notes of how to understand this weird dynamic would be appreciated

It rotates on a 3-week basis.
Its currently the strongest week, so this is the week you can offer to Queenie.

The Dreaming City gets more Taken-y over the 3 weeks and different missions are available from Petra.
Other than that I don’t know a clear way to identify which week it is (bar remembering).

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Also if you see Petra at the strand the taken curse is at its weekest, if Petra is at divalian mists the taken curse is growing stronger, if Petra is at rheasilvia the taken curse is at its strongest.

It’s full curse week now. Your offering will take you to Queen Mara. Side note: offerings get deleted at reset…


got one last night in the well and just wanted to know how to decipher this damn curse strength

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Next one will be the 27th.