Oh Shit!!!!! Xur's Selling Hawkmoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I just went onto Bungie’s website and saw Xur is selling Hawkmoon. I got 10 strange coins and need 23. Quick, someone tell me what’s the fastest way I can get my hands on 13 strange coins so I can cop me a bad ass year 2 Hawkmoon. I’m down for anything since its friday and I have no school and no work. I’m on PS4 and my PSN Tag is AshyBone_B.


Couldn’t resist


LOL Actually I’m at work right now. I get off in 6 hours and I’ll be off till Tuesday. But if you wanna try ta get me high you’re more than welcomed. Other’s have tried and failed in the past. You wanna hook me up with some strange coins though I’m down. Daddy needs a Hawkmoon.

as an xbox player, let me just say: awesome, Hawk-mutha-fucking-moon! AT LAST!

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Well congrats to you for getting it man. Wish I can go home now and play so I can start grinding.

Do strikes, the nightfall, by decrypting engrams, etc. If you’re really desperate try the prison of elders. The small chests always have some, the quantity depends on the difficulty.

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yeah do the weekly, then farm the strikes for engrams. they will drops coins. might get lucky. POE probably would take took long for a payoff

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I would recommend running strikes. As many as you can handle in a row and stock up on engrams. Then go back and decrypt them. I got quite a bit doing this.

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Agreed. I ran 3 strikes last night, raised LL from 242 to 259.

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Question on Hawkmoon.

I got a year one Hawkmoon drop at the start of the TTK on the XB1. I’m guessing it’s cheaper / better to just buy the year 2 from Xur than to spend the Legendary Marks to use the Year 2 blueprints?

Thanks Thanks for the reply guys. I plan on getting started with the strikes as soon as I get home (3hrs 12 min) Who ever wants to roll with me through a nightfall feel free to join. My gamers tag is AshyBone_B so if you see me on just jump in. I’ll run prison of elders too, buuuuuuuuut I’ve never done that so I’m not even sure how to or were to start it. All I know is that there’s a stand with some guy who you can buy crap from at the reef. I’ve been playing the first, no expansion pack version of destiny for the last 3 or 4 months so I’m basically a noob.

If you have the coins I’d use them.

Buy the year 2 from Xur, save the marks for something else. They are too difficult to come by.

Yep, I’d save my marks as well.