One of the best night ever playing COD !!!!!

Last night because there were so many people play BLOPS III , it was decided that there was a need to break in to different groups so that all could play together . I was put on Azline’s group with him being the lobby host . After shoving ear plugs in , I joined up to play in the lobby . After a few matches , there was a popping . crackling noise that started coming through everybody’s headsets .The noise was coming from Azline’s mic which developed a short and finally just quit . After that … total bliss for the next few hours with very little screaming or raging coming through headsets and everybody taking a shot(s) at Azline and his mic troubles .


True bliss. AZ still kicked ass though. Who did we pay off to sabotage his mic? Just kidding of course.

I hear @Azalin4savioR’s mic blocked him on Xbox Live…

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