One off game night

Lala had a good idea to start a night of getting people together and playing games that either aren’t played often anymore or indie games that some may not know about and just switching out for a new game each time for example on Thursday we can start it and play Forza Horizon 4 and the next Thursday play Rocket league. It would give us all a reason to go have fun and go back to play games we bought but havent had a reason to play in a while. So on that idea it would be good to compile a list of possible games to play so if you have any throw it down in the comments and I’ll start compiling a list based on it and get a schedule worked out. I may be on Xbox but PC and Playstation should contribute as well. If you want, list the game and platform and I’ll be able to compile separate lists for each to help organize it a bit better. Thanks in advance for the suggestions


Edit: as cheesy as it is if you like an idea hit the skull so I can see the interest in the games to write off any that have none and prioritize those that have more intrest


Given the “thumb games to indicate interest”, I assume you want one game per comment?

PC - Starbound

Be a space dude/tte. Mine and craft things while fighting wildlife, doing random quests, and flying from planet to increasingly dangerous planet. An update dropped last week-ish and allows you to be a space bounty hunter.

Depending on interest, it could be fun to drop in and see what can be accomplished in an evening. Should the game come around again, either start fresh or load up the last attempt and continue from there.

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You know didnt think about that part but I guess you’re right, ya one per comment I guess since I dont have a better way to do it

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Rocket League - xbox

I’m thinking we can compile a list of games. Pick a night for One offs (Thursdays are good). We would need to pick a theme or game and find someone to be in charge of running the room. I can put them in the calendar and that will create a forum post. We can do an event for each platform (if they’re running an event that night).

For XBox I was thinking the following might be a good start for one off nights. They are all pretty solid games which I think a lot of people own. I’d be happy for more suggestions.

  • Forza Horizons 4
  • Rocket League
  • PUBG
  • Apex Legends
  • Halo - Customs

Rainbow Six Siege?

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Good idea. We’ll add that as well.

I would be ok with old school Modern Warfare on PlayStation 4. If that even has a multiplayer, I’m not sure. Now we got switch players I am down for some Mario Kart.


For the PS4 side here are a few to get started.

TC Ghost Recon Wildlands
Division 1 (DZ)
Apex Legends
Dying Light
Destiny 1 (Raids) VoG!

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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2007) has multiplayer.

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With Borderlands Handsome Collection being free on PSN+ right now, I vote BL2 or the Pre Sequel.


Looks like we have a decent start for Xbox and Playstation just need some more PC ideas I’ve got The Forest for PC, havent tries the multiplayer for it yet either

Diablo 3 on PC could be fun if there’s enough interest.

Damn only have it for xbox but that’s a good one too

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Diablo is always a fun game to jump in and hack n slash for an evening. Could even make new toons if needed.

That is a good one but sadly I only have on PS3 doh!

I demand diablo3 crossplay

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I have an extra secret (not so secret now) hate for Diablo 3. It was what killed SWTOR. I loved my SWTOR MMO.

Whats swtor?

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