Over watch comp 3/7

Great group yesterday… let’s work on getting razors wife rating up so we can all jam… we have a good group just need to get those ratings up… see you Wednesday

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But then again I can flex to anyrole needed on most characters

Hihi! I think @anon8564842 and I have 2 placement matches left and will probably be in low/mid silver.

I’m best with Moira/Soldier but can flex on Zen, Lucio, Monkey.

I’ll be on during the morning acternoonish all weekend since I close at work this weekend just lemme know and ill run my placement matches with her…


I can generally roll one out of every class if need be.

Good times last night the the OW crew. As for comp, im in.

I can roll:

(These are the ones im comfortable with. I can play anyone needed or even roll a specific character for A or D when needed.)

From the looks of it we will have a good group should have no problem climbing into gold… after gold we really need to be on our A game to get through plat. But we will work out the kinks as they come along… just remeber we can’t win them all… winning atleast 60% of our matches and we will climb

It’ll take a bit to get the chemistry going too. We have our own play style and once the balance is there we will click.

I main Lucio and sprinkle in some Moira, but you guys start too late for me to join unfortunately.

Dps is usually easy I can focus more on tracer if need be but it’s good we can all flex…

I can use McRee decently. Haven’t needed to in comp yet but I’ll put some time into him. Reaper is fairly easy to use in close quarters maps.

Randoms won’t work together? That’s unheard of! Reasons why I’m at the lower gold level. Drives me nuts.

About DPS i enjoy playing Pharah sooooooooooo yea. Im down for that lol.

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I apologize about my poor performance last night, the baby was not having it, had to jump ship and deal with her. She was extra cranky. :persevere:

@OverwatchPlayers @razorace1 @Deacin

You guys need to hit up @anon8564842 and @Tuka. Both were playing last night.

Also, @anon8564842 and @Tuka need to read the forums and sign up.

You all just need to group up.

I’ve been sick as hell. I didn’t do much except watch Netflix. I’ll try to get in for next week.

I’m pretty sure they were on during that time. EST, right?

You all need to add each other to your friends lists.


If anyone’s down we could possibly open this up for a second day… I don’t mind pushing for a second day.