Overwatch Gimmick Teams and Counters

We had a fun time on Tuesday night playing Overwatch–got matched with a team full of Torbjörns and got completely owned by turrets. I don’t think anyone who went out of the spawn area spent a whole minute alive.

Anyone know how to counter a team of dwarves?

What would be some other fun gimmick teams to put together when we fill a whole side?

can’t wait for Comp mode because of stupid shit like this


Reinhardt’s, Widowmaker’s, Hanzo’s (as much as I hate him), D.Va’s. Anything to block damage and deal more from a distance.

I actually joined your game and ended up on the enemy team. They kept messaging me to go Torbjorn but I went D.Va and met you all on the battlefield instead. I really hope Competitive mode brings something great to this game. It seems that whenever I join a game full of random’s, my team always chooses all one character and I just leave before the match starts. It drives me absolutely nuts.

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Yeah, I’m looking forward to Comp mode too.

Sometimes I like a good clusterfuck, though–usually get it in the Brawl (Mystery Heroes has been fun to try out different toons, for example) but I’d kind of love to do to another team what got done to us. I thought it was fun, if a little frustrating.

If we ever get an excess of people, scrimmaging stuff like that could be fun too.

go all Planet of Apes and have everyone pick the Gorilla.

or have an Anime theme… nothing but D Vas and Pharoahs

Planet of the Apes sounds like mad fun. I never play Winston, but he’s one of them I’ve been having the most fun with in Brawl–leaping around everywhere is really satisfying for some reason. That’d be total chaos coming from a whole team.

especially if everyone Ults at the same time

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I didn’t even think about the reflect. That’s a great call, as are all the other suggestions. At the time I have to admit that in the midst of all the dying thinking this through was tough!

its the COD mentality, a sniper kills you and you think to yourself “oh ill get him next time, i know where he is” but before you know it youve died 8 times when you could have just walked the other way and shot him in the back


Turrets track you while in wraith form and will instantly shoot you as you reappear. I’ve tried to do this several times.