Overwatch Spectator Mode, custom games

Now I have talked about FPS games can be a hard for an audience with e-sports but Overwatch shows exactly how I said it could be done.

You can have 6 spectators so you can get different views set up. Plus the FPS views of the players. All you need is a director controlling which view is to be used in the current situation.

Other important elements is you can see the players through walls and all the game information you need for knowing what is going in the game is at the top of the screen.

So here is a video from community night last night showing off spectator mode from my perspective. Sadly can’t record party chat through Xbox so the bullshit could make this video entertaining.


I really enjoyed spectating a couple of matches. It’s a really easy to use program and quite enjoyable seeing different tactics from this perspective. Blizzard did an axcellent job.

It’s interesting to watch myself play after the last couple of Community night’s. I’m learning a lot.

They Have done such an awesome job with this game from literally every aspect. Most fun I’ve had with a shooter since MW2.

HAHA I had no idea you could go to that perspective. I thought you could only follow one player at a time! Thank you for teaching me! Also I love it when RaodHog kills someone in spectator…that laugh is priceless!

Very nice work man!