OVERWATCH. Who's getting it and for what platform?

I think I’ll pick this one up. Curious as to who will be getting it and on which platform.

  • Xbox One
  • PS4
  • PC
  • Not getting it

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I already have it pre-ordered and paid for on the XB1. This is a really interesting title for me. Can’t wait to see what Blizzard does in FPS / MOBA.

Need someone to post a preview vid of what these games/gameplay is.

Only know it by name. Will probably pass.

As of now it is a No as I am not a MOBA fan but Blizzard does make it appealing to me.

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I am interested in it but will try it out before deciding for sure. Getting it on PC is my first instinct but seeing how popular it is on that platform according to that poll I may have to go XBONE.

If you Pre-order you can get into the Conole beta. Might be worth trying out that way. If you hate it, cancel the pre-order.

I might pre order just to see what the beta is like.

I’m thinking the game is going to be very similar to Monday Night Combat only with more classes / characters.

Looks kinda cornie, no offense JH!


Will more than likely get it, not sure for what though. It’s between xbone and ps4.

If I am Gearbox I would seriously consider moving Battleborn to later in the year and get away from Blizzard.

Battleborn any good? I haven’t even looked at it.

To add Blizzard is already trying to crush them.

Battleborn releases May 3rd.

and Blizzard does this.

As a newly added bonus, if you pre-purchase or preorder Overwatch for any platform at www.buyoverwatch.com, you’ll also get early access to the Open Beta for you and a friend from May 3–4. After that, everyone will have a chance to play free during an all-access Open Beta period from May 5–9.

So they are putting the beta right at Battleborn’s release date. Gearbox should just move this back a few months and get out of the way.

Here’s a another article on Overwatch that basically says nothing. Looks like it’ll run 60 FPS on both consoles with PS4 looking a little better. They of course pimp the PC version because keyboard + Mouse > Controller but we all knew that.

Anyway, I’m surprised more GRG aren’t into this title. We all whine about same old shit with games. A new IP comes along from a top developer and you’re all going to pass on it. Hell, at least pre-order it to get in the beta. Give it a shot.

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I’m torn between Battleborn and Overwatch. I will check out the beta of Battleborn on April 8th and see what’s up and will more than likely do a pre-order on Overwatch, since worst case I get to check out the beta and either keep or cancel my pre-order. Regardless it will be Xbox One purchase.

I haven’t even looked at battleborn. I probably should. I’m mostly interested in Overwatch because it’s a Blizzard title. Their take on a FPS should be interesting.

A year or two ago I would just jump on it because others are but now I am more frugal with my money. Just from videos it doesn’t look like something I would put much time into. I would play a week or two and go back to my sports and racing games more than likely. Maybe your reviews after release will change my mind.

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