I mentioned this to Body Farmer tonight, but what happened to all the Overwatch play in here?

I have it. Haven’t played it in quite some time. I’ll get back into it with some clan mates. Playing randoms is mentally exhausting

I still play it frequently, it’s taken a little backseat with Rise of Iron being out. Still a couple nights I jump on it.

We probably should set up an Overwatch Players group and maybe look at scheduling a monthly game night for it. Not sure how much interest there will be with Destiny out and BF1 and CoD right around the corner. We should be able to still field a team to face the public.

Still playing it here and there - as recently as last night - but will be likely trading it back in once BF1 comes out.

Im on a few nights a week, usually around 9 if anyone wants to get a group together…

I’m on overwatch almost every night. Im crushing competitive. I got my season high of 3019. Hit me up to play .