Paladins 2XP Weekend

Adding onto the pile of games hosting events this weekend, Paladins: Champions of the Realm has entered the ring with a double XP event. All weekend long players can earn double account experience and double champion experience in the first-person shooter.

If you haven’t checked it out lately, the beta title from Hi-Rez Studios recently got a big update for its console versions that added a new map, a new character, integrated voice chat and more.

The event goes live on Friday, June 9th and runs until Sunday, June 11th, though the exact start and end times weren’t given.

If Paladins isn’t your style, there should be plenty to do this weekend nonetheless thanks to a Double XP Weekend in Overwatch, a free play event in Deformers and Battleborn’s multiplayer recently going free to play.


And I wanted to put in ESO time… Shit.


I will be on tonight for those that want to party up. Should be on around 9pm EST.

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I’ll look for you, wear something sexy

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Im down. 2nded on wear something sexy!