Password Manager

My credit card was recently hacked to the tune of about $5,000. Some knucklehead tried using it at a Walmart in Arkansas. Not sure how they got the numbers or how they made a card but anyways…

I use the same 2 or 3 passwords for all of my sites online. I am wondering, is there a password manager that would allow me to use different passwords for every different site while not having to remember all the different passwords? (Not sure if that makes sense) If there is such a thing, how does it work? I would love to be able to come up with complicated passwords for all my different sites but I will never be able to keep up with everything. Also, I am having to come up with more and more stuff for my kids and keep up with it all.

I haven’t had a chance to look at either yet but wanted to add, I want to be able to use it from any computer or device.

It’s called pen and paper :+1:

Could also keep a “note” in your phone with a list of passwords for things.

I just want to lower H2 in acid for fun. I don’t really have a reason.

BTW H2, we’ve been hacked a few times. Usually it’s my wife’s Daycare card. Two times it has happened right before we were leaving for vacation and it’s a true pain in the ass. It could be some employee at any store you use the card at.

It just happened a month ago. Someone charged a high end room in Vegas on her card. Couple grand a night room.

I only have the one credit card and I only use it at Amazon, an online pharmacy that I get my monthly meds at, Netflix and Microsoft. One of those sucks got hacked and didn’t tell me about it. Just trying to secure things up a little bit.

I use Password Safe. You can get the lite version for free or the pro version for a few bucks. It is a lifesaver with all the things that need passwords. Plus the passwords have to be impossible to remember to do any good.

I got lastpast for free it is pretty good.

I hate all the damn password required to just function in the world today. And just like h2 I use the same three passwords for everything.

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1Password is awesome. My wife used to be terrible about using the same password everywhere. Spent 5 minutes showing her how 1Password works and that problem was solved.

anyone know of a free one that lets you sync across devices. or at least a one time charge. None of this service BS.

I like this idea, but $50? Kinda pricey.

I downloaded 1Password on my iPad yesterday. No mention of money. I started to use it and had to leave. Went to dinner with friends and downloaded it on my phone. No money again. Problem is, I signed in as a returning user since I had set it up on my iPad. It was looking for a save on my phone. No save so I couldn’t log in. Tried to download it to my work computer this morning. Same thing, it is wanting to find a save on the device I am on. I can use it on my iPad at home but I am having trouble using it on different devices. I need to figure out what I am doing wrong. As far as $50 charge, I haven’t paid a thing for it on 3 different devices.

I think the ios and android devices are free, but if you want it on a computer then you pay for it.

I don’t know, I finally got it to work on my work computer and I haven’t been asked for any money.

Well worth it, IMO. It goes on sale several times a year though if you want to wait for that.

Found this page showing costs.

I have installed it on 3 devices and haven’t been asked for any money yet. I haven’t really dug in too deep yet. We will see.

I’ve been using 1password on my iPhone to store passwords.

I think you get 30 days of free use before you need to purchase it.