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So yeah I went ahead and pulled the trigger on this one…if anyone else decides to there is a nice referral link you can use.
If you have checked the game out…I created a page earlier that you can check out [here.]
(Albion Online - Poll Added - #5 by EnyoBellona)

Referral Link - The Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG | Albion Online

Meet GhstWlrks1

Chopping Trees for weapon

Near the Market

Solo player Cave

Crafter Window/ Stats/ Inventory

I complete my mount quest

1st solo dungeon completed

I know I’m going to break down and get this fucking game. God damn it.

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I’ll be playing today. Mainly because I am stuck at my mom’s house and it’s the only thing that run on my surface.

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It is my main interest in that game is that I can play it on about anything.

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That’s my thought as well.

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