PC - Anyone still playing Division 1?

Ubisoft has the original Division up for free until September 8th on Uplay. The DLC is all on sale as well for like $6-7 and change. I loved it on console, and since the Division 2 isn’t on sale right now I figured I’d ask to see if anyone has and still plays this on PC? Just the PVE stuff. The “dark zone” and all the PVP stuff was…not fun.

Well now that I just saw your post, I got it for free and downloading it now. I loved that game on ps4, so I’ll have to play it again on pc.

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yeah just claimed it in time…have both 1 & 2 on the PC now

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@Hellscare & @EnyoBellona - Hit me up if you want to play sometime soon. I’m at level 21 right now. But I don’t mind re-running stuff to help boost others.

my tag on Uplay is: GatsuGodhand

I think. Not 100% sure.

There’s an issue with it right now, where the DLC and Ubisoft club stuff doesn’t register. So hopefully they will have that fixed after they shut off the “free” version download.

@EnyoBellona - are you playing them both on PC now? Myself and a buddy of mine are running them pretty regularly and need some people for running the higher level content.