PC Clan for Destiny 2?

Hey everyone, been gone awhile, glad my username still works. Is there a GRG clan for Destiny 2? I see that there is but I’m not familiar with how the in-game clan thing works so I don’t know if it is cross-platform clan-wise.

The Destiny 2 clans are cross platform.

Check out the thread here and apply to clan 2.

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All the PC guys are going to clan 2.

Cool, thanks. I saw that but wanted to make sure I was in the right one for PC. I sent a request, see you all in game. I got to level 20 yesterday so now the engram grind begins!

I’m on the grind on PC now. Think I’m at 237. Add me on battlenet and we can group for pub heroics and such. Name on battlenet is RastaCharlie

Just hit 20 myself. Been on XBOX and switching to PC as it looks, plays, and feels insane on PC. Add me on Battle.net Rogue50