Destiny 2 has been a huge hit with GRG and at the moment our Bungie Clan is full. With all it’s infinite wisdom, Bungie limited clans to 100 members. Now we’re stuck holding a bag of shit and not being able to accept new members. What makes this worse is the clan rewards Bungie implemented and we all know how people like their loot.

So now GRG staff is stuck in a bad spot of having to split up the current roster to make room for growth. Our current plan is to migrate all PS4 users to the new clan. We feel it’s important to keep that group together. We’ll also be asking for volunteers to move over as well to help earn Clan XP. If we don’t get volunteers, we’ll voluntell people to move.

This sucks and has been a very frustrating part of Destiny. While the game is great and it’s pulling a ton of people out it does have flaws and this is one.

Important Note

Make sure to add all GRG to your friends list! You’ll lose access to everyone on the Roster tab (in game) once we split up. It takes 2 seconds to add a person, do yourself a favor and fill up your friends list.

Original Clan

New Clan

@DestinyPlayers @PlayStationPlayers


I’m hoping to get a few of the hardcore GRG members to move over to the 2nd clan. Those willing to spam invites, fill up their friends lists and organize fireteams.

This sucks…

I have already moved over. Please come join me. It’s lonely in here all by myself.

I have candy and cake!


I’m fine either way.

I will be migrating to the new clan tonight. @grex is now the founder for the original clan.

Just left the original clan and applied for the new one on Xbox (OneSoupSandwich)… I have not played as much as I had hoped to so far but will be thowing some time at it this weekend.


I’ll move over before next Tuesday.

good bye Grex…


Wansy will move over to the new clan.
I have a couple of buddies that i would like to get into the clan.
Newbs to Destiny, but i am teaching them.
They are both 38 Years old.
I was hoping to move to the new D2 clan and get those boys joined up to the new clan if possible.
Can we clear these guys for GRG?

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Have a nice day.

If I can get an invite to the new clan I will switch over tonight. It has a snske on the flag. It’s fierce.

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Can you get them to apply here?

It’s also easier for them to apply directly to the Bungie Clan site. We can’t send invites (unless people are on our friends list).

Yo! If you want to move both mine over, thats fine.

You’ll have to quit the one and apply to the other. We can kick but we can’t send invites… But I may be 100% menu tarded and missed that option.

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Application sent to new clan

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Thank you. @D1G1TALC1PHERS will accept it or I’ll get it later tonight when I transfer over.

(I have 2 clan rewards I want to grab before my switch. I’m selfish)

That’s why im waiting until the end of the week.

I need to ride coattails

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Yup back to lvl 1 clan…o wells. All joined up and ready to rock

I’ll send you some glimmer for your troubles.


Yessss! That makes it even for me! :stuck_out_tongue: @Lala_Calamari

How many Team leads and Overlords have or are moving over? Just figured we should keep it even.

@GRG_Team_Leaders @GRG_Overlords