GRG Destiny Clan Full! IMPORTANT CLAN INFO --- Round 2

We are now back full circle to an issue we had last year. The interest in Destiny 2 slowed down during the year and we consolidated everyone into 1 clan. With the current activity and events plus the upcoming Forsaken DLC that is changing. Everyone migrated to clan #2 and we quickly maxed out.

FUUUUUU Bungie for the 100 Player limit!!!

Seriously, 100 players. Fuck off. Which leads us to our problem. We want to recruit and we want to group up console players into the same clan the best we can. Sooooooooo

We need to split up Clan 2. We will be moving all PS4 players (and any PC players) into Clan 1. @unobtainaballs and @SoInZane will be Clan 1 Admins. If you are PS4 and want to still be part of GRG’s Destiny clan you will have to join that clan. Again, sorry for the pain in the ass juggling but there’s not much we can do.

XBox Destiny Clan

PS4 / PC Destiny Clan

PS: (and this is really important)
If you get kicked or were removed do not take any offense. We have been trying to keep the clans full of active members and we needed room. If you want to play Destiny again then simply message a GRG staff member here or on chat and we’ll get you sorted out. Do not get butthurt.


Dummy me.

Tagging @destinyplayers and @PlayStationPlayers

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im butthurt

I like Craig better.

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is that what you named your fleshlight?


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With a C is so much better too!!!

I have sent clan invites to all PSN and PC players for the move, so you just need to accept them (which you can do in-game or through

Moving over before Forsaken drops (Tue 4 Sept) makes sense, since that way you can be ready to start earning clan rewards and see your clanmates online.


Feel free to remove me from the clan.

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The clan that we where invited to @PlayStationPlayers isn’t Max clan level in regards to the banner… in which I understand that you’ll receive extra rewards onwards into season 4 if your clan reached max lvl in season 3. So what I’m saying is we are going to shorted some rewards with this clan…

I think you’ll survive. We really don’t have any options either as it’s only 100 members and we won’t be able to add new people. We’re going to be making some big recruiting pushes this fall.

It sucks. Nothing we can really do about it.

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Every time I have to use LFG I suggest the people to join…


Not to say you haven’t been advocating GRG already, or anyone else for that matter.

Still, new DLC tends to bring people in and we (Staff) will be pushing recruitment and will also be encouraging everyone in GRG to do the same.

Daily posts in the recruitment spaces on forums and sites usually increase visibility the most - those people are actively looking for a clan.


I understand that.
I was just overthinking at work last night

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Just a reminder.

If you’re applying to one of the Destiny 2 in-game clans and being rejected, then either:

  • You aren’t a member of GRG (probably doesn’t apply to anyone reading this)
  • We don’t think you’re a member of GRG (we could get this wrong, please contact a member of staff or the in-game clan listed admins)
  • You’re applying to the wrong clan (the reason for at least half of those I deny)

I thought Lala had used big enough font on his post.
I’ll put it again here.

Let us know, especially if your Bungie name is different than your GRG name and Gamer Tag.

Had a PS4 person apply to the XBox side yesterday. I didn’t recognize the Bungie name.

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Me either, some might be coming straight from our recruitment threads ( we don’t post direct links but since our clan has the same name they could be searching for it).

I will msg reply to anyone I don’t know.