PC Destiny 2 - Raid or Dungeon Runs - Weekend of 9/5-9/6

for the @PCGamers that also play Destiny 2,

If we can get a squad together I’d like to try to run either a raid or maybe a dungeon or something higher level. I’m at 1060 and need to try to get a few more exotics before the great vaultening of 2020.

Reply if interested.

I’m on EST so I’m available from noon est to whenever on saturday, and then noon to about 10pm est sunday night.

@destinyplayers… I did not mean to leave you hanging…as this is a Holiday weekend and we have 2 sides of the family in town…i’m have trouble nailing down my schedule…that said i suspect i will be on…and i will plan Friday for xbox and Saturday for PC (sunday is ?? as we are smoking a pig butt and having IRL backyard stuff) … I know we had @Gigz and @gomi182 and @Xionergy with pc destiny interest…I think my goal is just to get some regular time gaming together to get stuff we need ppl for …the group will grow if ppl know thay can just jump in party and get stuff rolling


Doesn’t have to be raids. Can be daily stuff, nightfall…whatever. I’m game. I need more pc people to game with regularly. I used to be exclusively console, but since they put game pass on PC, my console has been sitting on a shelf collecting dust.