PC - Free to Play - Eve Online (28MAY17)

As always…jumping around to new and old things. A game from my past and now available for anyone to try… EvE Online. A game about Internet Spaceships and making things go boom. A few unique aspects of Eve Online.

Below are various links of info and videos for those that are somewhat interested to get a small grasp.

Reddit Post explaining Eve Online’s Free to Play model

Eve Online Career Chart

Various News Stories from Eve Online

And finally…Videos from the Community and CCP
This is EvE

The EVE Online Experience - Play For Free (Trailer)

WINGSPAN TT - Stealth Bomber Player

A players story about entering into Piracy

An new industrial player plays with pirates

Players lust for Revenge

And if your still here checking the thread out or skipping to the End…Here is the Last video i have for you. This last video is a Eve Player explaining the game lore and Free to play. 9 minute video.

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Your forgot the spreadsheets. Lots and lots of spreassheets.

So i played through the first 2 hours last night. The game’s tutorials and intro missions are awesome. Very user friendly now and informative on what and how to do things. So far I am impressed with their latest game update.

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Thats pretty freaking cool. Just finished watching the youtube video in the article. Its a support group in-game and outta game IRL.

I played Eve several years ago and really enjoyed it. Never was a paid member of the game and didn’t experience all the game had to offer. Now that I have a decent gaming pc running I am going to re download and see what the game has to offer now. Anyone still playing and if so, what faction you choose and why?

@GrumpyInUt would be your man.