PC - Gaming KeyBoard Alternatives - KeyPads

Anyone ever thought about getting any of these or actually own something like this? I am curious to know the pro’s and con’s of first hand experience on these. I would imagine if anyone in GRG has something like this…its probably @D1G1TALC1PHERS.


Lala i know has one of these. If you are heavy into the older mmos, one of these and a mmo mouse are nice. most newer mmos are getting much better with not having to hit so many keys to do something and getting simplier on that front.

That’s what I have, still have it. Truth be told, I never really used it. I tried back when I started playing WoW and before MMO mice were a thing and you needed a million keybinds. Just wasn’t comfortable and I probably didn’t put much time into learning it. I got it refurbed off Woot for like 20 bucks.

Since then I got the Naga MMO mouse and now the Logictech one and prefer that much more.

I do not have one believe it or not. I was always fine with the keyboard.