PC or Console - Why?

Having a discussion in Discord and thought it would be good for our whole community to join in. Do you only PC game or console game and why?


I love strategy games on PC, the freedom of scrolling the mouse is beautiful and it makes a complicated UI so much easier to handle.
Plus some games aren’t available on console, or were out first on PC, especially those that became a hit with me and my friends (Football Manager, Minecraft) and we sunk hours into them.

I’ve always had a console though and enjoyed gaming solo, couch co-op and online through the years.
I first found more of my friends had consoles, though we didn’t always cross-over on platform or game of choice, so it was more solo/couch co-op in the earlier days.

Also, now I’ve learnt to play FPS and 3PS on console I cannot handle k&m on PC, so I majorly suck when trying, even on the same games I know well.

I still play both, mods and ease of purchase/download on PC are big pulls, along with the huge variety of deals available and indie titles.
Console is still for some solo play or online with a few friends or members of GRG.

Started out on the PC but the console is just easier. I still have a PC and the wife has her own too. Both too outdated to run the latest games. Just don’t want to buy/build a super PC that will be outdated in 6 months.

I think you can either spend a lot and enjoy max graphics/high FPS for a while, then slip into the mid tier.
Or save more and just aim for mid tier and accept Medium-High graphics and lower FPS rates.

I thought my laptop was a bit of a potato (it probably is when compared to most of the GRG PC gamers), but it handles recent releases easy and plays every title I’ve tried.

Cost about £600 ish I think (about $800), over 18 months ago.

I like playing on both. Strategy or survival games like Ark are great on PC. I also love games that support mods, so you have to go PC for that mostly.

However, I love console for sports and MP gaming. It’s great to have the games up on my 60" TV.

I should get a decent laptop with W10 to run the games we get that we can run on PC and Console.

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Console. I enjoy relaxing on the couch and getting immersed with either the kid playing beside me, or the girl watching a show. The only problem right now is the lack of released content to keep me entertained. I’ve found myself playing some older games on the PC lately, but it’s not as satisfying

Both. It really depends on what intrestes me at the time. Also the type of game.

Shooters i will usually graviate towards console. Where as large MMOs i will go PC.

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The most PC gaming I’ve done in recent years is Civ, and Sims. Haven’t really played PC since…well, it’s a very popular game, I just can’t remember the name…think it was Myst or something like that, and before that i was all about Impossible Mission, Boulderdash, Hard Hat Harry and Hercules.

Now it’s all console because I refuse to spend the cash on a Gaming PC that will almost never get used.

Forgot about Leisure Suit Larry

I’m pretty much console only at this point. PC gaming for me was really just for MMOs like SWTOR or GW2. Also, my kids have taken over the office where we have the gaming PCs set up. As long as they’re quiet I’ll leave them alone.

The other reason I really stopped with PC Gaming is just cost. XBox S can be had for 200-250 now. You can barely buy a decent graphics card for that. Add in the fact that work gives me all the business class laptops / PCs I could ask for. Just doesn’t make much sense to spend 1000-2000 on a gaming PC just to play games.

Add in the fact that my XBox friends list is somewhere around 400+ and I’ve known some of the XBox guys for a decade.

Finally, I know a lot of people are console only for ease of use. Don’t have to build or maintain a PC. Just turn it on and game. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Hell, I’m in IT and I prefer it.


Same here. And even though we can do Comms in games these days. i actually enjoy the typing aspect of chat in MMOs as well.

Console for now. Would love to get into PC but the cost is the issue.

Both. Consoles “Online” systems are iffy all the damn time. I need as many options as I can get to make sure I can game. PC is always stable and I never have to worry about not being able to play something. Console is where my friends are so that is where I do my social gaming. PC also allows me to play game the consoles will never see.

A lot of the replies are spot on for my situation. I have PC gamed in the past and really enjoyed it, but at the moment I don’t want to spend the money on a gaming PC. And the time I do have to game I would rather just turn on the console and go.

yeah. i usually only upgrade the rig when there is a new game coming out that i am all hyped about. until then what i got it suffices.