PC people - What are you playing?

So yeah, what the title says, what game is currently racking up hours on your rig @PCGamers? I’ve been playing mostly Borderlands 3 and a bit of WWZ. I still have Doom Eternal to finish as well and CoD WW2. I understand many of you are into Escape From Tarkov and that is something I’ll definitely try out at somepoint.

So post those games. Who knows, maybe we can find more games to play together.

Also as a sidenote, roll call for europeans?:grin: Timezones are a bitch so we can’t always play with our friends across the pond.

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A bit of tarkov and a lot of hard space shipbreaker lately if I play pc. I got arma and squad as well to play. I’m big on xbox but dont mind playing pc from time to time

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On PC…

My main game is Albion Online atm.

I also Escape from Tarkov on the weekends mostly.

Been thinking about messing with Elite Dangerous again, but also wanting to do a coop with Divinity Orginial Sin.

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Well seems like Tarkov is the common denominator. I really need to get it soon. On the table would seem to be Arma 3 at least. Also it would seem that I’m the only active EU guy, at least on the forums, guess that makes me

Should we try and see if we can setup something with this group of people? I know my times are hard to fit into your schedules but I’ll be more in the ”if I can make it” category. Oh, and @EnyoBellona if you’re looking for someone to coop Divinity, I wouldn’t mind giving that a shot if we can match times.

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Yeah I would be done for some weekend runs. What’s your gaming schedule UTC wise thru the week?

My time zone is UTC +3 so during weekdays I can play from UTC 5pm to around 7-8 pm. On weekends I can probably go for longer. I usually wait until the kids are asleep before I start playing.

Edit: my original post made no sense
Re-edit: timezones are hard

Lol. Yeah I figured just post UTC game time would make more sense. Especially with having multi national members. Will post my UTC times soon.

I typically play 2200 - 0200 UTC time.

For NA players that is 4pm-10pm EST.

Well dang, that would be 1 am onward for me so not really doable, at least outside of the occasional weekend when I get the house to myself. So maybe a few times a year.

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