PC/ XB1 - Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a free-to-play online action role-playing video game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. An open beta for Microsoft Windows was released in January 2013,[1] and the game was officially released in October 2013.[2][3][4][5][6] An Xbox One version was released in August 2017. Wikipedia

Just checking this game out. After playing with Albion Online’s ‘Board of Destiny’ leveling system I was curious to see Path of Exile’s system since it is 1) a Free game and 2) supposed to be a pretty expansive leveling system.

Right now I am just at the character selection screen…and so far at least just on this part, it is top notch. Voice Audio is a nice touch so far. Each class has a nice intro description that is not necessarily the cookie cutter expected description.

Will continue to post in the thread as I experience the game.

So just played for about 45 min. I started as a ‘Shadow’ class, which seemed to be rouge/assassin type of play.

The first few things that was cool to see…the gems you pick up give you various types of skills based on how and what you slot them. Also…apparently your Gems/Skills can also can experience and level as well. I ended my play at my first death…which happened by a slew of spider crabs and fire throwing witches.

The in-game chat seemed fairly active with only a few spam posting that i noticed while on. Overall I enjoyed it…it seems that I will have to rethink some of the tactics early on as my character as he is a bit squishy. This definitely isnt the typical diablo, where you can play a few levels harder and still get through the enemies. When I died there must’ve been 15 enemies on screen and it was still the beginning area.

Look forward to playing it out some more.

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PoE In-Game Toon: GhstWlkrs1

Path of exile, Man this game can be summed up by one word, Addictive! I love playing this game, I’m playing as a rouge class, And I have to tell you I’m not disappointed, My character is around lvl 35 and I have roughly 10-15 hours invested into this game and still enjoying it, Nothing seems to repetitive, They change up enemy character design as the game progresses, endless side quest along with a enticing main quest, and there is literally hundreds and hundreds of character level progression choices, I dare say that no single two players could possibly be exact!, And they idea of forging gems onto items and equipment to not only power up the weapon the gem is attached to but also giving your character special attack abilities! flipping epic, I also had the chance to party up in this game with a few friends which was great because, bigger the party the harder the enemies which means better loot.

downfall of the game, cosmetically your character is mostly going to stay the same threw out gameplay regardless of which items you equip, now you can pay for better cosmetics using in game purchasable content but the prices are STUPID crazy, I mean your talking $400 dollars just for a cosmetic change, doesn’t even improve stats, Just insane and not worth it, And when you first start this game it can be highly confusing, there’s no clear indication on which way to go to progress in the game, I had to rely a lot on exploring, And if your not in a party, this is mainly a solo game meaning there is no outside help AT ALL when going threw different maps, your just by yourself

overall, This game is great, It has it’s cons but what can you except from a free download, I urge everyone to atleast try this game out, going in with a mind set that you are playing a free to play game!

I tried it out for a little while but didn’t get hooked.
I think it is still installed (PC).

do you have it PC or Xbox side?

My bad, I should have mentioned that in the above statement/Review. I have it on Xbox One console.