Phones at the movies

AMC is considering having sections available in movie theaters for people to be able to use their phone for social aspects. Though I love technology and having a phone that can do so much, this shit really scares me about the next generation. Phone addiction is becoming a serious problem and we aren’t training people that you can be without your phone for a period of time. I at times fear that Wall-E will really happen with our society.


This is fully retarded. The whole purpose of going to the movies is to actually see the movie. It’s not like it’s so cheap to just go.

Honestly, this is the reason I don’t go to the movies often. I’d rather rent it on VoD for 5 bucks and enjoy it in peace and quiet than spend 50+ taking the family to the theater. Hell, I have surround sound with a kicking subwoofer.

Truly retarded.

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That is pretty lame and i would never go into a theater like that. but with that said i have been known to check my phone while in the theater. Time and texts from the Mrs. Always on silent.

I Agree i have my phone on vibrate when i am on call and go to the movies. If you cant go 2 hours without being on your phone you have problems. Nothing is that important. They are probably texting other people they are watching the movie with even fucking tatos

Gads…actually agree with Lala? Fucking world coming apart at the seams…

You suck. Put the damn thing away for 2 hours. Gunny’s sexts will wait!

It shouldn’t be an issue, I’m usually right.

Maybe we should instead have Non-Text Theaters and Reglear Theatres for this dipshit. I can’t stand when I’m trying to watch a movie and the dick in front of me is texting and there’s like a blinding light in the corner of my eye. And, my old lady is one of those dicks! She is seriously hooked to the glowing rectangle, and CAN’T HELP but to check in on Facebook so EVERYBODY KNOW we’re at Regal! NOONE CARES!! And, I tell her this. And, she still does it. Then says, “I didn’t like that movie. It was boring.” No, it wasn’t. YOU WERE JUST FACEBOOKING THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME!

Love her to death, but there are like 3 things that she does that just drive me up the wall lol. And, she would totally be the one to call this place and leave a more grammatically correct voicemail haha. Good on the Alamo!


I like the idea of having one theater with strict rules on behavior for people actually came to see the the show and then have one for the rest with no rules, talk, text, run up and down the isles, anything goes.

Just to follow up, I am an AMC Stubs holder. Received an email this afternoon that they had gotten a lot of feedback on this possibility and they will not be going through with it.

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I wish there was a thumbs down button! I would drop my old lady off at the Reglear Theater (can’t get enough of that), and go enjoy my movie. SO annoying during Bats v Supes :slight_frown:

go down on her

Edit: [quote=“koldfront_kraig, post:13, topic:6619, full:true”]
go down on her

In the Reglear theater that’s allowed I hear…

Also, I do. But, she still won’t put down the phone…

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Just deny her sex for her misbehavior.

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I threaten that, she’ll bring an Ipad…