Pimping GRG

Had Fun This weekend in My Friends Studio making Video Game Music.
Here Is one of the results.

Footage from 2xp weekend last night


Nice work. Love it.

Thanks. working on another video for another song hope to post it soon

OMG, a GRG rap? lol.

You’re hired by the way quantum.

Lol… That’s serious bidnezz right there! I think it’s great. That’s some great pr shit right there. Well done!

OMG that is awesome. We need a make this our trailer on our youtube page.

Hell, we need that for our Reapercast intro.

Nice work, Quantum!

That is grreat.

Says Tony the Tiger.

@anon42851937 or @D1G1TALC1PHERS. can one of you PM me an email address and i’ll send a copy for the reapercast. feel free to use it on the youtube channel. I’ve got another song and am working on more. thinking of working on an album piece by piece. @anon3687162 what’s the benefits package sine i’m hired lol.


Good stuff!! Good to see somebody reppin their set hard like that!

Bennies are free handies from lala for life!

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Don’t worry he is gentle.

Damn free I guess that’s VIP status in gunny’s glory hole

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Well…Lala isn’t known for using hand lotion in the dry winter months…so there’s that.

it puts the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again

well done sir !!!