Pip-Boy app

Anyone use the pip-boy app on their phone. I cannot seem to get my to see my game. Keeps coming up “no devices found”

I haven’t used it much but mine has connected on Xbox.

I’ve used it a bit. It’s helpful, but sometimes a pain as you have to look away from the screen to config something.

Both my Android phone and iPad connected fine.

Had to restart the game after enabling the option in the settings menu though.

My advice would be to use it for a real-time map. I would rather use the in-game Pipboy which pauses the game if I’m going to be fiddling with anything else.


yeah don’t see much use of it out of game but though it might be fun to play around with.

It is good fun to connect to someone elses game and fuck with them.

My girlfriend could not figure why her character kept switching from a pistol to knuckles.
Or when she had equipped the bowler hat.

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