Planetside 2 Faction poll

  • New Conglomerate
  • Terran Republic
  • Vanu Sovereignty

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TL:DR: NC are blue rebels, TR are red military. and VS are purple aliens.

there are real differences, one team has a faster shooting tank, one has an awesome jet, and then the weapons are different. the VS weapons are more futureistic, the NC have slower firing, more powerful weapons, and the TR have faster shooting, weaker weapons.

Here is a link to the wiki with all the info.

We can be whatever faction I just want a good steady crew of people to play with fingers crossed*

I think I picked TR for Beta and wasn’t impressed so I voted NC.

looks like we are going NC.

Bullshit. We should be the Vanu. Purple fucking guys with lasers, why not?

because they are purple spandex wearing mother fuckers… alien fuckers!!

another reason…

NC 22%
TR 78%
VS 0%

I know which bases im going after first LOL