Planetside 2 - Member Double XP Weekend Extended!!

The last weekend of every month, subscription members get a double XP weekend. So July 24th-26th, try to do an alert or 4 to grab some bonus XP and Certs. I’m gonna play for at least 5 hours and get some nade launchers for my sunderer.

I’ll be on late tonight cuz I work nights on Sat and Sun.

yeah, i have a beerfest to go to tomorrow. so on one hand not drinking tonight, on the other hand i dunno how much time ill have to play.

This is awesome. Jumped on for A short bit last night with @AlphaMack, hero, and lyne . Piloting a liberty gunship with a big canon we were taking out targets left and right. Countless soldiers lost their appendages from our 105mm canon. We had air support to chasing off all the fighters trying to take us down.

With the double xp I was making 15K each life. Made 500 certs about 2 hours.

(Sorry if I can’t remember your site name)


So very true

I missed this. Dangit

Yeah I only got in a little Friday. Apparently it was just Fri and Saturday. It ended Saturday night at midnight. Which is technically midnight Sunday. Lotta people bitching. I might buy a boost for tonight.

Double XP extended with another event next weekend.

Just saw your post on reddit! Heh

Edit: Did he say what time it starts?

just whats there… it said monday night so i would assume it started… cuz it would end at midnight pacific…

i’ll be on about 730 eastern. you should join our slackchat if your not there already.

Not sure how to join the chat…

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Saw an empty Sundy in an enemy base the other day and went to get on a gun only to find myself in the drivers seat.

Bonus, the XP starts rolling in from team spawns as we’re in the middle of a large fight (possibly that Crux territory).

Get on the gun to find one of them is a grenade launcher that demolished an enemy Sundy, two Maxes and a Scythe before the Sundy got wrecked…



i really want those grenade launchers, hopiing to pick them up tonight