Playable on Win10 and Xbox

So what are your thoughts on this…

Does it make you feel like your Xbox isn’t as exclusive since anyone with a PC build can play the games?

Does it make a PlayStation more attractive to you since it is proprietary?

Do you think game discs will work in both the PC and Xbox or will it be digital only? How easy do you think it will be to pick up your save from the cloud and go back and forth?

I’m trying to think of a reason to get Scorpio and not just building a new PC. Seems like PC won the console wars now.

Not sure if you watch any if the Xbox thing yesterday but multiple times when talking about this he said xbox 1st party titles. How many 1st party m$ games are they? Not many.

If it is just 1st party titles then it really doesn’t change anything.

That would be a big issue. If it’s XBox Exclusives then you’d still need the console. If not, then PC MasterRace wins.

What I see from this is mostly goodness. It bridging a gap between PC gaming and Console gaming. If you want to drive for the best graphics and performance - go PC, if you like standards and not have to worry about constant costly upgrades and updates - go console. But you can still play the same game with your friends. Do I think PC players will have an advatnage with keybaord and mouse. Possibly on certain games. Other than that I welcome the bridge.

I believe the way they are standarzing on DX12 between the pc and xbox is what is really making this work.

Eventually I see eveything going Digital anyway. Discs are starting to go the way of the Dodo just as DVD did to the VHS tape. But really there is no reason an xbox game disc could not work in your PC. It all about understanding the format.

I personally will probsably have both the new console and keeping my PC up to date. Time i like the sitting in my living room on the big tv and times I like to sit at my desk.


It’s a cool idea. But it may only work with 1st party stuff. 3rd party developers would end up being stuck on the Windows 10 platform and that limits their player-base. They’d also have to conform to Microsofts distribution model…which is the Xbox/Microsoft store only. No Steam or GRG or anything else. Most aren’t going to do that.

As for project Scorpio. It sounds cool, but I’ve never heard a better reason to not bother investing in an Xbox. Haven’t bought an Xbox One? Well here’s the Slim! BUT WAIT! Hold off. Because next year we’re going to have something better that will work with everything that’s already out! So…just wait. I also don’t buy the 4K gaming claims. I have a $1500 computer and it can’t do 4k@60fps consistently. Even the newest cards Nvidia dropped recently can’t do that with every game. And they are $600 a card. So if they do release Scorpio and it DOES infact do 4k gaming…then they are releasing either 1.) a goddamn expensive console that’s $700+ easy or 2.) Fucking witchcraft.

I dunno. Scorpio could be good for those who either can’t build a gaming pc…or just don’t want to deal with installing an OS or dealing with antivirus software, security and all that. But it’s not going to be a $499 console. With what they are claiming, it’ll upscale to 4K from MAYBE 1440p. Maybe. So them touting true 4k is definitely misleading I think.

They have good ideas and sound like they want to do right by their customers. But I think a lot of the language they’ve used just makes it all sound too good to be true.


How does the home sharing work?

So you can play the same game on different consoles, as long as the tag that bought the game is signed in. So you couldn’t play the same game on 2 different boxes in the same house.

You can. What I do is set the xbox in the living room that my kids play on as our “Home” xbox. Then, I don’t have to be signed into that box for them to play anything I purchased, or use my XBox Live online features. Meanwhile, i’m actually playing my games under my tag on my xbox downstairs. The only disadvantage is that purchases don’t download to my downstairs xbox without me telling them to. But, it’s a good trade off to save on extra copies of games and another sub to live gold. This allows us to play the same game at the same time on two consoles.

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As far as playable, as Win 10 winds up on Xbox as well, I’m not sure how playable on Xbox and Win10 becomes first party only, unless they hold that ability back by request of the publisher. They’re programming for the same system, and DX12, so unless there’s something I’m missing, anything on XBox could run on PC as well.

The play anywhere is is only for first parties, forza, gears, etc.
It’s digital only. You cant play an Xbox 1 Blu-ray in the pc.
For gears and forza, they said cross play was only cooperative. With gears specifically, they mentioned campaign and horde mode. No competitive pvp.

I think this is good for people like me, I have a PlayStation and a decent pc. There isn’t too many games I miss out on. Forza has my interest.

Now question is, buy an X1 controller, the game, blue tooth adapter for controller,… if I have to upgrade my GPU then I’m close to the cost of a console…

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Dont need that or this

You can use a wired x360 controller, i have an old power A controller that works fine on the pc playing xbox games through the app.

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They will be releasing keyboard and mouse capability for Xbox soon as well

How this will affect First Person Shooters and possibly having the advantage over controller users is something to be seen. I’ve never played a controller vs a mouse and keyboard before, but watching Serenity17 play Siege scares the shit out of me. So now it’s really just the Xbox becoming a gaming PC. In theory, the Xbox will have the capabilities to play all of the new games without having to upgrade hardware like a PC until new systems come out. Would this allow more cross platform play for more games? I’m all for having more people to play with and against. So if that’s the bonus, then I’m all for it.

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I play BF4 on PC with a controller and do just fine. If there is an advantage it isn’t much.