Players are Finding Zombies in Red Dead Online

If you are yet to unlock the 17 of Red Dead Redemption 2 achievements relating to Red Dead Online, Now is the time to go back to and try to pop a few. Loads of new content has been added to the online portion of the game, so saddle up and get back out there — unless you’re afraid of zombies.

The Reddit user groats_active came across this grey-skinned, green-eyed NPC in the swamp area of the map. Some players are saying that this could be just a glitch and the “zombie” is actually a dead woman who had cholera and is supposed to be laying on the ground for players to come across as part of a trap. The green eyes are also suspected to be a texture glitch.

However, other Redditors gave reported finding another zombie body in a mass grave in Armadillo. This picture comes from Reddit user XXVoluntaryeyeXx:

The same pale skin and strange coloured eyes. The appearance of these zombies is cause for speculation with many Reddit users claiming this is a teaser for an upcoming Undead Nightmare 2. And with Halloween coming up, it gives the rumour a little more weight. But nothing has been confirmed, and you’d think if an Undead Nightmare 2 was going to be released around Halloween, we would have heard a bit more about from Rockstar themselves by now.

Is this in sp or MP?

Also, is it free DLC or does rdr2 charge for that?

Hopefully free since they employ the same system with gold bars as they do with shark cards which they use to fund dlc so it doesnt have to be paid but who knows for sure