PlayStation's Upcoming Attractions Video Fuels 2019 Release Speculation

After a rather disappointing second half of 2018 in terms of announcements or new updates, PlayStation have started the year with a sizzle reel of their upcoming attractions, fuelling speculation about some 2019 release dates…

Here are the games featured in the trailer for which we already have at least a tentative 2019 release date, if not a specific launch day. There was a good mix of third- and first-party titles in the trailer, it’s worth a watch if you want to get buzzed for the coming months.

The speculation-fuelling comes from the other games sprinkled in between these confirmed dates. Alright, it might be a little much to expect Ghost of Tsushima, DEATH STRANDING and The Last of Us Part II to release in 2019… but then 2018 was chock full of big PlayStation exclusive releases, so there’s an incentive to continue the hype train — particularly if there are no plans to announce further big hitters on the current console generation.

But if we can’t expect all of those games this year, perhaps we can at least expect a release for some of PlayStation’s more niche experiments. There’s the ambitious game-making engine Dreams, for which a public beta should be starting later today. There’s also the live-action PlayLink thriller, Erica which still looks intriguing in the above video. Finally, there’s the story-driven VR FPS Blood & Truth, still languishing without a release date but looking mighty fine in the latest clips.

We would put our money on at least one of the big hitters releasing this year, with the most likely being Ghost of Tsushima. We honestly can’t see how Dreams can afford to bake for another 12 months, and Blood & Truth could likely try and steal some of the spotlight in the typically dry summer season much like Firewall Zero Hour achieved last August.


Ace Combat (yes i love flying sims)
Divsion 2
Resident Evil 2
I’m curious about Medevil. (Back to the PS1 days)
These are what i have my eyes on.

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Ahh Medievil.
Great game.

I actually remember very little about it, just that the memories I do have seem fond?

Maybe I’ve outgrown it, no idea.

You start off as a knight who died and is brought back to life to do battle against the evils of the land. Classic slash and bash. I remember it off of the playstation demo disc.

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