police backpack glitch stacks with paramedic backpack

you can use the police back pack to get a 75 % increase to your ammo capacity at the re stock box. then switch back to your regular backpack and you still have your ammo. this can also be stacked with and done with the paramedic backpack and get you 2 extra medikit for a total of 7 medikits at the restock

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Also…if you have find any gear that gives ammo % increase…you can equip it as well to hoard it up even more, then switch back to your normal gear.

i’m sure if you will or not cause it doesn’t really hurt anything it just adds to your ammo it doesn’t help you do more damage or anything. so it isn’t really a game breaker

hmm…i dont see that as a glitch

it maybe shitty code and give you a little bit of an advantage but it hasn’t stopped me from getting my butt handed to me in DZ06

this is true i’m trying to get to rank 75 for the new vector blue print