Pre Rise of Iron "bucket list "

There are certain things that should be on every guardians mind heading up to the rise of iron release and I’m not talking about how cool the new content is gonna be.

There will more than likely be new exotics right away, do you have enough strange coins and motes to level them up fast? Is your light level high enough? 300 is probably going to be a struggle with the new higher light level enemies and strikes.

Legendary marks… Vendors and faction inventory will no doubt refresh come RoI with higher output gear that you would probably want to consider right away to get rolling with right out of the gate.

Grind out the small things now before it’s too late.


Also mat farming or if you are already at 200 marks buy some mats down to 170 then do your dailies to replenish

Wouldn’t it be funny if RoI uses a whole new currency.

I’ve done nothing to prepare for Rise of Iron other than pre-ordering the expansion pack.


would not be the first time.

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They will throw a kink in the system somewhere. Gotta make us grind.


You would still grind but for different currencies.

It’s been 6-9 months since I played destiny. What are the guns that are must haves in crucible. I know the mida is still used a lot, and the 1000 yrd stare family is still good, (But will be nerfed.)

Any must do things before the release next week?


1k yrd stare family has already been ‘rebalanced’, along with all the other weapon changes.

Bit of a mix in Crucible I’d say.

Mostly ARs (Arminius-D, Doctrine of Passing), PRs (Hawksaw/PDX-45 & Grasp of Malok) and a couple of other odds (including Mida, couple of Hawkmoons and some other SRs).

I’d say an even mixture of shotguns, FRs and snipers - perhaps slightly more shotguns than anything else.

Striker Titans, Hammerbro Titans, Voidlocks and Gunslingers are main subclasses of choice.

Not really anything in particular. Assuming you’re not after the Moments of Triumph (Y2) rewards that is (shaders and emblems).

Some prefer to retain all engrams at this stage, edge their various faction reps to just before a new level and gather all other materials so that on release day they can get a boost right from the off.

Might want to complete any Taken patrol related questlines since I’m not sure what will happen to them (similar to the HoW public events disappeared).

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One of my major issues with Bungie, they can not get weapon balance right. They’re response is to just nerf any popular gun. I dismantled all my other sniper rifles because 1000 yard stare was all I used. Now I’m basically fucked. GG Bungie.

1000yd stare is still a viable option at sniper. Depending on the roll it’s still a top notch sniper. Casket mag is a good one. Shortgaze/hidden hand/spray and play. Depending on how you use it. DPS in PvE or sniping in PvP.

It is kind of shitty how they take the best toys and dumb them down though.

I’ve also read that saving engrams won’t do any good. I did apply for the clan on destiny and was accepted(sorry guys) but I think when they disabled the clan thing last week it may have affected the roster so you may want to check it again @DestinyPlayers

It shows you on the clan roster. In order for it to show on Destiny menu, log into your account on, double check your clan affiliation, then log out. Then log into destiny on xb1, and it should show a GRG tag


Don’t forget to do the Hokey Pokey and turn yourself around. What a mess with the clan tags.


It’s a PITA. I’ve already had to do it twice so far

Never happened with the last 37 clans I got kicked out of :laughing:

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I strongly suspect that saving engrams won’t work.

Hence why people edge their faction reps to just before a level increase instead.
Then when the DLC drops,they hand in a bounty, hit the next level and instantly get a reward (which should have a chance of being from the new pool).

I’m only hoarding blue engrams in the hope that they aren’t still shit post ROI.
If they are then I’m dismantling them all anyway.


Any more info available on this weird aura I have and apparently have been spreading to people in my fireteam, magnificence 2.0 and splendor 3.6? It gave me an unwanted rash… but seriously the xp and rep boosts are good and all but it pushed me to level 4 with FwC before I was ready.

This is some next level stuff… unless it’s nothing but trying to help people grinding through the weekend to prepare for the expansion

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Did you catch space herpes?