Premium or Nah?

I’m pretty damn gun shy about buying season pass type stuff, but actually getting into BF this time - talk me into/out of buying it… No prior experience with premium so not clear how important it is after new maps come out to have it.

I got the Premium edition right away. Mainly to get the Premium Queue access. Also, I really like BF1. It’s probably my favorite shooter. It’s one main flaw is lack of content so I’m hoping the DLC fixes that.

And I really don’t see any other interesting PvP shooter coming out anytime soon. So I’ll be most likely playing this until Fall (Destiny 2) hits.

BTW, Premium gives you the maps 2 weeks ahead of everyone else. It’s stupid they pull that shit.

I am going to get the premium. I also really like this game Its fun I think some new maps and guns and operations will keep me interested. I hope you get it. I didn’t buy it right away cause I wanted to see if the game would be any good. I agree with Lala this is my favorite shooter.

Battlefield is the one series that I always get premium.

Free battle packs yo!

Troof, I get them every round now. Right @APMech12?

Funny thing about battlepacks and BF1, they’re so useless. They’re just shitty skins that I rarely even use. I find no real value in them at all.

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I bought premium last week after trying it out for awhile.

I have premium. The priority placement in queue is nice, and most of us want to have the maps early (which is BS, but the way they play the game). Overall, the BF premiums have delivered.

I rarely ever purchased DLC in the past. However…this is my first Battlefield game and I like it a lot. I upgraded to premium when Giant’s Shadow was released.

Heard the next DLC will have a new French weapon. A white flag.

I did hear that it will have a new french LMG and a Tank behemoth the seats 6

Thanks all for the feedback, you’ve made a compelling case. I’m going to go ahead and get it, and then blame Lala if there is any problem. :slight_smile: