Prices for next month's Elder Scrolls Online player housing update revealed and they won't be cheap

Although all homes can be purchased for gold or Crowns, the patch notes only detail how much players can expect to spend in gold. Small homes found in locations like The Rift, Khenarthi’s Roost, and Malabal Tor start at 40,000 gold and reach as high as 73,000 gold. Medium homes
start as low as 190,000 gold and the most expensive medium home costs 335,000 gold. Large homes push prices into the millions with the most affordable costing 780,000 gold and the priciest costing nearly 1.3 million.

The whole shibang

Shark cards??

Not too sure what the point of the homes are other than a gold sink. You can’t store stuff there. I’ll probably be perpetually broke as I’d rather be in Cyrodiil PvPing than earning cash in PvE. My 2nd toon probably spends more time in there than I’d like. I’ll be broke, with shitty gear and missing skyshards if I keep PvPing. (he’s already 35, I have a 50 toon already with 140ish Champion points).

I spent all my gold in PVp, dead hooker broke.

WTF do you spend money on in PvP?

lots and lots of repair kits. I spent 4.4 million in AP on repair kits & 1.2 million in gold. Somebody has to keep the walls up.

Le Fuck that. I’ll buy some repair kicks with AP.

Going to need to start looking at armor soon. I’m about 15 levels away from max (and a Champion points). So I need to learn wtf I need to do to get geared.

Then I may start a stampler build for lowbie shit.