Prison of elders speed runs

Typically I join the unwashed masses of randoms pre xur days for a few speed runs through PoE. It’s a 10-12 minute run with 3-5 strange coins per sweep. Anyone interested in running a few? @DestinyPlayers

What would be a good LL for something like that?

Prison of Elders is level 28, so easy mode. Challenge of Elders is recommended 320 LL.

I’ll be up for either.

41 PoE (taken version) I find gives me less by way of strange coins. I usually stick to the lvl 28 version. 280-300LL is a cake walk. I have house judgement boosters to burn if your looking to level up your rep. CoE I’ve got the sigil. Ready for anything. It’s almost hunting season up here…gotta get while the getting good

When will you be on?

Probably from 4pm to 7ish… You can never have too many strange coins when RoI drops am I right? :wink:

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Ok I timed myself with 2 randoms… 15 minutes, about 6 blue engrams, 5 strange coins.

I’m down for PoE what time are you usually on during the week?

Usually after 4pm. Depends on my gf’s schedule and the fact that this place that pays me to show up and do as little as possible expects me in at 6am. I’m usually getting off around 9.