PS Plus - January 2018

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - PS4

With its skillfully combined FPS and RPG elements, the Deus Ex series has always felt that little bit more cerebral than its more traditional shooter brethren. Mankind Divided is no different with its branching narrative structure and open-ended gameplay.

Batman: The Telltale Series - PS4

Away from the combat-focused Arkham games, Batman has also featured in a much more story-focused game recently. Telltale’s Batman games follow the company’s classic adventure template, having you solve puzzles and choose your way through an open-ended story that never goes the same way twice.

StarBlood Arena - PSVR

You’ll need both a PlayStation VR headset as well as a PS4 console, but StarBlood Arena is a fun multiplayer-focused shooter where you pilot a ship through zero-gravity arenas, shooting everything in your sights.

Uncanny Valley - PS Vita/PS4

Your PS Vita/PS4 crossplay game this month is Uncanny Valley, a story-focussed survival horror game where you solve mysteries in an ‘isolated facility’. ‘Meaningful consequences’ are promised for your actions, so you have been warned.

Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness - PS Vita

We’ll level with you - we hadn’t heard of Psycho-Pass until it showed up on PS Plus this month. However, with happiness deemed to be mandatory right there in the title, it might be worth giving Psycho-Pass a spin.

Sacred 3 - PS3

A hack ‘n’ slash from the developers behind the Saints Row series, Sacred 3 lets you and up to three friends take on hoards of enemies as you fight to secure the future of Ancaria.

Book of Unwritten Tales 2 - PS3

While PS4 owners get the Telltale Batman game to adventure their way through, PS3 owners have Book of Unwritten Tales 2 to enjoy. It’s a point and click adventure game that riffs on popular fantasy stories from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings.


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