PS Plus - Monthly Games (June 2018)

Game Platform Comment Metacritic
XCOM 2 PS4 Cannot recommend this game enough 87
Trials Fusion PS4 79
Zombie Driver HD PS3 TBD
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PS3 79
Atomic Ninjas PS Vita 61
Squares PS Vita 67



Xcom 2 is good. But, most people already have it or have played it on PC. It was offered for free or at huge discounts several times on PC, iirc.

Both PSN and XBL offered crap this month (with the exception of Xcom 2 somewhat).

I may eventually get sick of paying to play multi-player and just use the consoles for single player stuff.

I had my eye on XCOM2 for a while, I never saw it dip below 67% off (which, admittedly was still a good deal).
Since I haven’t yet finished XCOM, I never bought the sequel.

I usually prefer using a PC (or rather, a mouse) for a scrolling strategy game.
So, maybe I won’t play this much.
I’ll certainly download it though.
Can’t say the same for Trials Fusion…

Voila! $18

(Where it says it ‘Activates in the United States’, it only lists the regions where it won’t activate as Brazil and the Russian Federation)

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70% off.
Just inside the wire.

Thanks man.
Now I can own it on both platforms!

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No worries, they’re prepared for us Brits.


Awesome! Glad to help.

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Sweet! I’ve been wanting to play Xcom2 for a while now.

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