PS Plus September 2015

Looks like indie garbage to me…sigh!

I probably play more indi games these days than AAA. I have by far put the most hours into Hotline Miami 1 + 2 and Rocket League :smiley:


There are plenty of AAA games they could offer for free at this point. no need to have 4 meh games a month. I think I got ruined by rocket league

There are some good indies out there. Not exactly impressed with this lineup after the past two months, however.

It may have been wrong to shit on Grow Home since it hasn’t come out yet. But I am tired of the “retro graphic” 2d platformers. if i wanted to play those i would’ve bought another NES. IMO they could release either Assassin’s Creed:Black Flag, Tomb Raider, Knack as part of PS Plus with no problems. I wish Twisted Metal was remade for PS4

yeah, im worn out on the 8bit/16bit thing. shit, gimme some PS1 or PS2 graphics for fucks sake.

i do download these games just in case. some of them have been surprising time sinks.

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I always grab the free games. just to have em

Not on the ps4 i havent. Played them on 360. Also that was my point for Knack it was a launch exclusuve title that failed. Give it away lol

I never got around to black flag either.

they don’t wanna pay for it HAHA
I’m actual semi-serious about that one tho, they have to pay the devs/pubs to release it. and they prolly just can’t agreee on a number. Another game should be Second son or killzone. it’s been 2 years… nobody is buying new copies of those games.

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I would love another run through of second son

I will run through a game. Sometimes never finish it. I never finished tomb raider or black flag as they were rentals from gamefly. I think sony guves us crap sometimes. Why the interrogation officer?

Actually Dr. Phil by my own admission I have ADD and am a cheap fuck. So of course I want Sony to give me games free that i couldn’t finish because I saw something else shiny. In the end I would rather you give me one AAA title thats a year old that I could replay and platinum than 4 8bit platform shooters that i will delete off my PS4 by the end of the week.Though I appreciate you helping me pad my post count with this useless debate(since IMO doesn’t require an explanation) I am done defending my opinions cuz It is silly and Logical thinking should be reserved for real life. I am a gamer give me everything for free. It is my right!! lolz

Ok Mr. Reporter I’ll humor you. Rocket league had a beta so no one shit on it. It was free because the devs didn’t believe in it. Even they said they couldn’t believe how many people liked it. I play every single free game they give. I give them all a fair shot. But when all you hand me every month is 8bit platforming shooters or 8-16bit rogue-like platformers i get a bit salty. I will give these games there due respect but in the end will be shocked if they are any different than the ones released over the last couple months. What has stayed on my ps4 is rocket League and TR: Temple of Osirus.
I can’t explain what goes on in my head as there are too many voices talking at once most times
but they all agree we ain’t mad at ya :wink: