PS2 Pilots

I’m curious about whether there is any interest in an Air Support squad. I have an alt on Genudine that I’ve been certing as an ESF pilot but so far it is extremely frustrating as it is very difficult to operate an ESF as a lone wolf. Running without a squad, or simply a wingman, means that the moment I’m flanked or outnumbered I’m almost guaranteed to go down unless I’m fortunate enough to escape the encounter. I like the concept of the ESF pilot role, both for dogfighting and harassing infantry with splash damage, I just need to find a few like minded players to keep an edge in the numbers game.

I don’t even necessarily need other ESF pilots, just other birds in the air on my team. I am constantly being overwhelmed by the opposing teams’ air support.

If you’re interested in flying with me, add me on PSN.

I like using the galaxy and liberator, havent used the ESFs much but i always have the credits to buy one, so no matter how many times i get blown up, i can get another one almost instantly.

Serious question whats the point of having an ALT character just for pilot, couldn’t you take those same Certs and invest them into once character instead of spreading them over 2, by which be pilot and say Tank driver?

The 1400 certs you get for leveling from 1-15 means I can play more classes earlier on. At this point I would definitely have regretted spending certs on flight on my main. I’m not getting much out of it so far.

OK, I was thinking that’s the school of thought. I prefer to stick with one character. Almost like an MMO, pick a main class and then a back up class.

I’ll fly with you some tonight if you’re on.

I’ve noticed that on Genudine the NC’s air power ain’t no where near like the other factions. Atleast from my perspective during the hours I play.

I love A2G and am decent, the learning curve is pretty steep but as I got use to flying it’s really rewarding. A2A is a different story, I’m still fairly behind everyone in that aspect.

I would love to see us have both a ground unit force AND an air power unit, but that would mean alot more members and alot more practice of flying skills.

post up and recruit your friends :smile:

i see a LOT of Vanu in air, but they die pretty quickly tooo.