PS4 Community

After some ups and downs, I’m happy to say that the PS4 Community is back! @PlayStationPlayers can search for “Grim Reaper Gamers” in Playstation Communities, and send a request to join. @unobtainaballs or myself can approve your request, and we’ll add other staff that join the community as mods as well.


I will send out a blast via PSN to a bunch of you tonight, just to make it easy for existing members.

Gotta be some perks right.


Maybe we even can recruit from it. It’s time we start rebuilding the PS4 side proper.

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I’ve sent out the invites, so if you were expecting one or want one and haven’t got one then let me know.

Obviously you can always go search for it.
You should be able to find it through my or Johnnys PSN profile if nothing else.

Sweet. Will do this tonight!

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