PS4 Destiny Players - UK / Europe?

Hey Guardians,

Just wondering how many of us hail from UK / Europe and play Destiny on PS4.

If there is even a small group of us who play sometimes we could get together and play some Crucible, Strikes, Raids, whatever people want to do.

I can’t usually stay up for long by the time the US guys are logging on, hence the call-out for these specific timezones.

We could aim for Community Nights and/or whenever a few of us are around and free.

If you’re in these timezones and play something other than Destiny feel free to reply here, if there is enough response we can create some other threads if necessary.

I am trying to use Discord a bit more now too, we can always post in the LFG channel there.
Feel free to contact me directly on PS4 too, gamertag below.

PSN: Olz_3


I do fly-byes.

I should be around on the 21st Sept and 28th Sept too.

On weekdays when i am home and the kids at school i could try to help out

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